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​Wedding Anniversary

Always have the happiest anniversary in your pocket

That time, that space, always in your pocket.

​A new option to send a website to those who could not attend the wedding

For those who couldn't attend the wedding due to the corona virus, friends and co-workers who couldn't invite because the venue was changed or the scale was reduced, the wedding ceremony and messages from the two were included. Would you like to send us a "Wedding Anniversary" site?

Just send the URL of the site via LINE or email.

Designs, words, and photos that convey the personality of the two of you can make your report more realistic.


​Partners of the wedding hall

Due to COVID-19, diversity, and changes in values, the wedding industry itself will become more and more diversified in the future, and at the same time, high-level staff will be required.

(From Noriko Ando, a wedding researcher, "Important Issues for Japan and the World 2022")


Even now that the coronavirus is subsiding, it is expected that the world situation and the Japanese economy will change the form to a simpler one that does not cost much, rather than returning to the traditional wedding ceremony. How to create a new service that is inexpensive and pleasing in it? Isn't it a problem in the wedding industry?

"with corona, new wedding options in the post-corona era"

(Photo Wedding, Online Wedding)

Marriage is expected to change significantly in the future from the current trend. The "Wedding Anniversary" site is a service suitable for the new era, and although it has been well received by customers, it is not yet well known. Please consider it as an original privilege to differentiate yourself from other companies.

Also, what hotel did you get married in? The décor, ambiance, and location are all of great interest to future weddings. It will also be an opportunity for friends of the bride and groom who could not be invited to get to know the actual atmosphere.


the best memories ever
​on the unfading web

Wedding ceremony in corona misfortune

With important people I couldn't invite

For those who could not attend

the smiles of the two of you

in the photo

in the video

​ in words

One click delivery

​Production menu

Use ​ template


Choose from the templates below.


​We will produce your photo, video, name, etc.


​We will deliver the completed site to your PC.


​1 site 10,000 yen

​original production


​We will listen to your favorite image such as design and color in person or via ZOOM.


​ After receiving photos, videos, names, etc., we will share and modify the image while viewing the site.


​We will deliver the completed site to your PC.

*We can also produce videos for your site, so please contact us.


In addition to weddings, we also produce according to your requests such as childbirth, Shichigosan, coming-of-age ceremony, etc.

​ Please feel free to contact us.

​1 page from 50,000 yen

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