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​We are still together

​I'm still with you.

​Thank you for all the happiness

Would you like to leave unforgettable events with your precious family (pets) and precious days of laughter with your family in the form of a website?

The images and videos left on each family member's smartphone are put together on a single site and shared with those who loved them during their lifetime and with family members who live far away. I will make such a site wholeheartedly.




​In person, by phone, or by ZOOM, please tell us about your favorite image such as design and color, as well as your memories of your life.


​ After receiving photos, videos, names, etc., we will share and modify the image while viewing the site.


​We will deliver the completed site to your PC.

*We can also produce videos for your site, so please contact us.


​1 site 50,000 yen ~

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